• About Neil

    Neil has more than twenty years of experience leading Oakfield Estate Agents, the company he founded. He manages lettings, sales, and block management. Neil strives to build his business and career around the client experience.

    Neil Newstead's Career

    Neil Newstead’s career in property began in 1995 when he left the army. He started working for a local property company, where he gained as much industry knowledge as he could. He then used his entrepreneurial attitude to create his own company, and Oakfield Estate Agents was born. The company provided Neil with an excellent opportunity to solve problems and expand within the market. By growing his business, Neil has been able to continuously move forward and meet new people and other industry experts.


    Customer service is Neil's number one priority! He works hard to ensure his clients receive the very best that his company has to offer. He has trained his staff to also be experts in their field and to prioritize the experience of their clients.


    Neil Newstead's personal approach is also visible during his off-hours. When he's not at work, Neil spends his time volunteering to give back to his community.

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